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Hotel Metropol

The hotel “Metropol” was and remained the only and unrepeatable hotel, among other hotels in the region, with architecture that separates it from other conventional hotels.

The hotel was build and opened in 1975, and was fully renovated in 2018.

According to the law regulation the hotel was categorized in II category with 4 stars The hotel is fully air conditioned with five floors above ground floor, underground and basement.

1.Accommodation part

The accommodation part consists of five floors with the following content:

  • 110 double rooms with the option of putting the third additional bed;
  • 4 Standard suites (bedroom and living room);
  • 1Resident suite (2 bedrooms and living room);
  • 1 Deluxe suite (bedroom and living room).

All suites are air-conditioned and are luxury equipped, as other rooms in the hotel.

There is separate room for room service on every floor.

The accommodation part covers area of 6.610 m2.

In all close areas in the building there is an excellent fire protection; fire detection system was installed, as well as, hydrant system, and fire prevention equipment.

2. Ground floor

Located on the right hand side from the entrance, there is a fully equipped and organized reception desk.

  • The ground floor covers an area of 420 m2 and is well equipped, widespread and casual;
  • Aperitif bar with all types of spirit drinks and beverages;
  • Two elevators for guests;
  • Business hall for meetings with area of 144 m2;
  • Banquette hall with area of 80 m2;
  • Green hall with area of 121 m2;
  • Restaurant with area of 800 m2;
  • Well equipped kitchen with capacity of 600 meals;
  • Widespread open air terrace with breathtaking view of the lake with area of 800 m2.

3. Underground floor

The part of underground floor consists of:

  • Congress hall "Biljana" with capacity of 360 seats and area of 500 m2
  • "Samuil" hall with capacity of 80 seats and area of 110 m2, for the purpose of congress tourism,
  • "Kaneo" hall with capacity of 40 seats and area of 70 m2, for the purpose of congress tourism,
  • "Ohrid" hall with capacity of 50 seats and area of 84 m2, for the purpose of congress tourism,
  • "Labino" hall with capacity of 280 seats and area of 380 m2.
  • Fitness hall and 2 saunas equipped with showers and all additional services.

On the same level with the underground floor, with entrance only from the external side there are:

  • National restaurant with 60 seats and area of 110 m2.
  • Kitchen for the National restaurant with area of 20 m2.

Located two floors beneath the ground floor

This part of the hotel consists of:

  • Club with area of 120 m2 separated in two parts;
  • In the first part of the club there is Aperitif bar and the second part is an area with 130 m2.

5. Parking place

The hotel has its own parking space for its guests for 100 cars.