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Hotel Belevue

The hotel was build and opened in 1989.(Complete renovation 2018).According to the law regulation the hotel was categorized as hotel of second category with four stars.The hotel consists of five floors with mezzanine, ground floor, underground floor and super underground floor.

1. Accommodation part The accommodation part consists of five floors and mezzanine floor with the following content:

  • 170 double rooms with the option of putting the third additional bed
  • 3 Standard suites (bedroom and living room)
  • 1 Deluxe suite (bedroom and living room)
  • All suites are broad and are fully and luxury equipped
  • There is separate staff room on every floor.
  • The accommodation part covers area of 6.000 m2.
  • Fire detection system
  • The hotel is equipped with hydrant system, and fire prevention equipment.
  • All rooms are equiped with air condition system

2. Ground floor

Located on the left hand side from the entrance, there is a fully equipped and organized reception desk.(Reception,Info Desk,Exchange office).

The ground floor consists of:

  • Aperitif bar
  • Broad and convenient space with the area of 510 m2,
  • Broad open air terrace with breathtaking view of the lake with area of 450 m2.

3. Underground floor

The part of underground floor consists of:

  • Breakfast hall with capacity of 120 seats and area of 264 m2,
  • Gallery bar with capacity of 60 seats and area of 192 m2,
  • Restaurant with capacity of 220 seats and area of 640 m2,
  • Open air terrace in front of the restaurant with an area of 450 m2
  • Kitchen well equipped with capacity of 400 meals.
  • Bakery – sufficient to satisfy the needs for 1000 guests for bread and bakery products
  • Fridge-cells for freezing and maintaining freeze food.
  • On the same level with then entrance from the external part there is a warehouse for the needs of the hotel.
  • Electric power transmitting post
  • Natural gas post
  • Workshop for maintenance staff

4. Basement

  • Nightclub "Taboo"with an area of 800 m2 with capacity of 1200 guests.
  • Two shops (space) for boutiques
  • Billiard hall
  • Pool bar
  • In front of the hotel from the lake side on the basement level there are:
    • One outdoor pool for children
    • One outdoor pool for adults
    • The two pools are watched and maintained on full time bases
    • There are in excellent condition and function, equipped with all necessary beach items (sun umbrellas, beach chairs)
    • Two tennis courts for sport and recreation for the guests

5. Parking place

The hotel has its own parking space for its guests for 120 cars.

6. The beach

The resort Metropol- Ohrid has its own beach 800 meters long. The beach is well arranged and organized according to the law regulations, supported with beach watch service.

The beach consists of:

  • Port
  • Two beach bars
  • Two toilets
  • Wardrobe cabins