Aperitiv bar - Bellevue

Aperitiv bar - Bellevue

Restaurant Hotel Metropol

Restaurant Hotel Metropol


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Restaurant and bar facilities

Your pleasure is an ultimate goal in our resort. Here in our restaurants you can experience a completely new and different way of tastes that will turn on your senses. We have something for every one here. For those that are lovers of the traditional or simply they want to try out our way of cooking we are offering both of our a la card multi cuisine restaurants in Bellevue and in Metropol.

With their warm atmosphere and astonishing view of the lake you can every time have a completely new experience. Also there is a breakfast room where a breakfast buffet is being served with only one goal – satisfaction of all of your needs and goals.

Or maybe you are not a convenient type, you have tried everything but you still wish that there was a byte of Italian pasta. So do not despair we have that for you also. So you don't need any more explanations just a desire coming from the bottom of your stomach.

Maybe you would like to enjoy and experience a completely new different way of living and enjoying. Our Gallery Bar gives you that unique opportunity. Stylish, comfortable, furnished with sophisticated taste, this bar exquisites like one of the best things that had happened to this town. So do not hesitate try it.

Also there are variety of bars in our Resort - closed (indoor bars) and opened (outdoor bars) on the beach. At your disposal we have all kinds of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and also snacks.

If you haven't find yourself in none of these numbering you can always visit the most sophisticated discotheque a state of the art of the lightening effects. There you can expect everything, enter a completely new living without Taboos.

Enjoy the convenience of dining at one of our hotel's restaurants with the romantic view of the sunset over our Lake Ohrid At Metropol lake Resort the restaurants await you with the secret aromas, scents and tastes of authentic local cuisine… where a feast for the taste-bud blends with the sound of the traditional music and the brilliant view of the lake and town creating a superb experience for all senses. Dining is always a memorable expirience at our Resort with a rich choice of local Macedonian and international cuisine.