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4th Congress of the Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia

4th Congress of the Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia

Metropol Lake Resort - Ohrid is hosting the "4th Congress of the Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia"

Macedonian Ecological Society in cooperation with Macedonian Limnological Society is organizing the 4th Congress of the Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia, for following the achievements of ecology in Macedonia and the other countries in the region, as well as the need for exchange of experience and knowledge appropriate to the research conditions of scientists and experts in the region but also the general public interest in better, cleaner and healthier environment.
Macedonia needs organization of a regional congress of fundamental ecology and environmental science to assure better communication of all scientists in the region.
The Congress will present the knowledge of the modern basic ecology and environmental science accumulated recently. That is the reason why the papers at the Congress will be presented through different thematic sessions. Each session will start by presenting case studies chosen by the Scientific Committee among the proposed papers. Apart from this, plenary sessions, prepared by eminent ecologists from Macedonia and other countries will present the achievements of modern ecology.

The Macedonian Ecological Society is an academic sponsor of the international ecological congress INTECOL2013 “Ecology: Into the next 100 years”, that will take place in London, 18-23 August 2013, organized by the British Ecological Society.
The INTECOL2013 programme will include 10 world class plenary speakers, symposia featuring major keynote lectures, workshops, submitted abstract sessions and extended poster slots. Other major features will be innovative ways for presenting and communicating science, and a programme structured so there are many opportunities to meet people. INTECOL2013 will give delegates a new perspective on
a wide range of ecological topics and help establish new collaborative partnerships.
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