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Ohrid Summer Festival 12/July - 20/August 2012

Ohrid Summer Festival 12/July - 20/August 2012

The 52th Ohrid Summer Festival will commence with the theatre oratorio produced by the National Institute Ohrid Summer Festival and National Institution People’s Theatre - Bitola, and co-produced by Macedonian Opera and Ballet and the Vera Komissarzhevskaya Theatre from St Petersburg - Russia and People’s Theatre - Ohrid.

Romeo and Juliet is a theatre oratorio uniting musical theatre arts - theatre, opera, ballet, music... In that purpose the performance is projected to include ballet dancers, orchestra, choir, opera singers and acrobats who are going to be in service of the concept and will contribute to the creation of this enchanting on-stage story. The scenography of this staging is planned to implement 3D effects which would be put in service of a theatre performance for the first time in the region, thus with special video projectors the decor will be transformed by the principles of 3D cinema technology.

Just as in the past couple of years (except for the jubilee 50th edition that was marked by retrospection), the concept of the programme is involvement of as many as possible eminent artists’ names not having performed at Ohrid Summer Festival before, while posing real attraction at global stages and filling concert halls to the last seat. At this Festival edition many renowned foreign ensembles and soloists coming for the first time in Macedonia will take part. Certainly, besides classical music concerts and recitals taking place in “the heart of the Festival” - St. Sophia Church, which are practically pillars of the music programme of the Ohrid Summer Festival, this year again there would not be lack of events dedicated to wider audience. Namely, the programme includes a number of attractive concerts planned to take place at the Antique Theatre.

To our utmost pleasure, and to the pleasure of our honoured festival audience, this year we will have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the unique and irreplaceable Dominican pianist and composer Michel Camilo, to attend the concert of the youngest winner of the Premio Paganini Competition in 1998, the Russian violin virtuoso Ilya Gringolts, then comes the concert of the great inimitable cello virtuoso, maestro Enrico Dindo, a cellist with exquisite qualities, a distinguished artist and established musician with delicate sound that “flows” like an Italian voice.

In the end, there will be one more vocal surprise with the concert of “Parpetuum Jazzile”, Slovenian attraction that conquered the whole world. After founding the group 28 years ago, they gradually became one of the most popular and affirmed vocal bands not only in Slovenia, but also worldwide. Their performances break records of viewership ratings on the Youtube channel, with over 20 million people having watched their performances, which makes them the most viewed a Capella bands in the world.