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Corporate responsibility

Taking responsibility for the environment and local community has been an important part of the broader commitment of the Metropol Lake Resort  to sustainable development for many years.

  • HACCP and ISO standardization procedures implemented
  • Fire drill trainings for staff
  • Green Key label certification by tour operators
  • Intensive cooperation with suppliers and partners working in accordance with this Metropol Lake Resort’s  philosophy and manner
  • Defibrillator acquired and certificated trainings for staff
  • Sun collectors for heating the outdoor pools
  • Waste management procedures

Healthy hotels

  • Our hotels are now completely smoke-free: we are continually increasing the number of non-smoking guest rooms from the current 80%
  • We facilitate guests wellbeing by offering state of the art exercise and sport facilities , hiking tracks around Resort, gyms, swimming pools and water activities
  • Our food is fresh and wholesome: Metropol's restaurants offer a wide variety of deliciously healthy options
  • We work hard to accommodate guests with food allergies: 30% of our hotels have allergy tested guest rooms
  • Responsible Business is incorporated in our restaurant concepts through the elimination of unsustainable ingredients and the promotion of local, seasonal produce

Metropol Lake Resort has a safety and security programme designed to protect guests, employees and owners' investments while maintaining - or even enhancing - guest and employee satisfaction.

We always keep all lines of communication open about safety and security issues, with a focus on prevention.

We encourage our staff to:

  • Report any dangers or aberrations
  • Take immediate action to prevent injury or damage
  • Follow-up and ensure that dangers are removed and abnormalities are corrected

We also acknowledge that the hotel and tourism sector is highly dependent on the public's perception of health and security risks: security scares can reduce demand for hotel and tourism services.

We urge all our hotels to play an active role in:

  • Local community crime prevention programmes
  • Regional and national hotel associations
  • Other groups that can help them adapt their safety and security programmes to meet local needs and requirements
  • Sharing information and good practice that can benefit others